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   Welcome to Trofai British Shorthair



About me


My name is Lin Jarrold, I have been breeding for 6 years with the help of my husband Brian. I have always been an animal person and fell in love with the British Shorthair because of their wonderful temperament and teddy bear looks. We also share our home with 2 gorgeous Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Sam and Lilly.

We chose our prefix Trofai from our grandchildren's names Troy and Faith. We enjoy this hobby very much and our sole aim is to produce the best possible representation of the breed and therefore breed only for quality not quantity, and only breed our girls once a year.

We have had some lovely kittens and keep in touch with the new owners so we know how our babies are doing.

Please feel free to view our other pages which show our boys, girls and kittens we have bred.

Please email me direct with any kitten enquiries. 



About the breed

British shorthairs have dense, plush coats often described as crisp. Eyes are round and large and widely set and can be a variety of colours, although the copper eyes of the British Blue are the best known.

They have round heads with full chubby cheeks. Their bodies are large, muscular and sturdy and described as "cobby". The breed has a broad chest, shoulders and hips with short legs, round paws and a plush tail.

They have a wonderful temperament so easy going and make an excellent pet for families with children and are also good with other pets. They come in a variety of colours the most famous the British Blue.

The colours I am currently breeding are: Blue self, Blue/Cream,Blue Tortie and white, Lilac self, Cream self, Colourpoints in seal, chocolate and lilac and also colourpoint bi-colours.